FALSE Language Interpreter


Data Stack
Return Stack


PICK (ø) works, FLUSH (ß) is ignored.

Ian Osgood has also defined a variant of FALSE called DUP (Ian's favorite stack operator). It has a few changes to make programming somewhat more convenient and to make the language Turing-complete.

The JavaScript source of this interpreter is here. A Forth compiler from False to Forth is here. More samples here and below.

99 9[1-$][\$@$@$@$@\/*=[1-$$[%\1-$@]?0=[\$.' ,\]?]?]#

[\$@$@\/+2/]r: [127r;!r;!r;!r;!r;!r;!r;!\%]s: 2000000s;!

of Beer
{ False version of 99 Bottles by Marcus Comstedt (marcus@lysator.liu.se) }
[$0=["no more bottles"]?$1=["One bottle"]?$1>[$." bottles"]?%" of beer"]b:
100[$0>][$b;!" on the wall, "$b;!".
"1-"Take one down, pass it around, "$b;!" on the wall.

Dijkstra's Problem

You'll need to enter a sentence in the Input box, ending with a period. Odd words are reversed.

[[$' =][%^]#]b:
[$$'.=\' =|~]w:
[$'.=~[' ,]?]s:

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